Good Friends

Good morning!

Here’s a quote I found from a song I listened to that I thought was profound:

“Good friends,

You can count them on one hand,

They’ll never judge you,

Whatever your crime, crime, crime”

-Mr. Hudson, “Time

 There’s truth in this statement. I know plenty of people who claim to have many friends and take pride in that. I have no issue with that. The only thing that irks me is when people claim to have 10+ best friends. I could never wrap my head around that. How could someone have so many best friends? From middle school to the present day, only ONE of my friends has remained my closest friend, with a few others being added on throughout the years. Sure, some have been replaced as needed, but I never had a whole list of ‘good friends’.

Two months ago (I can’t believe it’s already August), I was blazing through books and taking notes on each one. One of the most influential quotes I took out of my time reading was by Jim Rohn, an American entrepreneur. He once said:

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”.

I found a ton of truth in this. The people I surround myself with now are successful, hard-working people, and I have made huge strides in terms of accomplishment in my life. I’m leading a much more fulfilling life than in the past few years of my life. I strongly believe my change in who I hung out with has dramatically changed the quality of my life. Here’s a few reasons to have a small group of close friends:

  • Hardships become MUCH easier
    1. Example: If I find out that one of my close friends is struggling in the same class as I am, I no longer feel alone in my struggle. I know that we can help each other out and excel in the class TOGETHER, and that helps to drive me forward.
  • Congruent Values
    1. Value congruency is paramount in the relationships I maintain.
      1. Values such as inclusion are perfect for forging new friendships and maintaining old ones. I try to include people in activities (even if I don’t know them) and when my friends do the same, I respect them even more.
  • Loyalty
    1. This is a huge part of my life and is often the one criteria point someone has to display to become a close friend of mine. This isn’t to say that loyalty is the ONLY point someone has to reach, but it’s right up there.
    2. This also includes protection. I want to be there to defend my closest friends whenever I can. Always. If I can prevent my friends from getting hurt (even if I get hurt in the process), then I completed my job. When my friends reciprocate this, it only increases their value in my eyes.
  • Increased Quality of Life
    1. Being friends with successful people has definitely had a huge impact on my life
      1. Other than my family, my top 5 has helped me to become a much more compassionate individual
      2. Used to never read. Now, I read more and find ways to implement that knowledge as fast as I can.
    2. My life has a solid sense of meaning
      1. Everything I do has a purpose. Now, I’m able to have clarity of what I want, how I’m going to get there, and people I can turn to for great advice.

Good friends are invaluable. Sure, sometimes the people you think that are going to be with you for the rest of your life turn out to be flaky, but if you hit it just right, life is going to be amazing. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from turning someone into a close friend, it’s this: SPENDING TIME WITH SOMEONE WHO SHARES SIMILAR VALUES WITH YOU DURING TIMES OF HARDSHIP AND STRESS WILL CREATE AN UNBREAKABLE BOND.

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